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60 Days To Launch Your Business

The Foundations To Launch & Grow A Successful Business


60 Days To Launch Your Business Course is an information-packed roadmap to starting your business including a 100+ page guide that is full of how-to's, tools, templates that we use for our businesses daily, and homeworks to keep you moving along the process. 


You will come out of this course with an understanding of how to go from ideation to launch and form a legitimate business with a solid foundation to grow a successful business.


What will you gain from this course?

60 Days To Launch Your Business is to give entrepreneurs the a comprehensive guide to start their Business. You will gain an understanding of how to go from ideation to launch and form a legitimate business with a BAckground of everything from the legalities of business to branding and more.

How much does the course cost?


Why are audio recordings and a guide Included?

In the audio recordings, we go over what is discussed in the guide but also add in our real-life experiences when we started building out Flourish and Dean Street Law. So if you want to hear a more in-depth look at what we did the audios are for you!

How many pages is the guide?

100+ pages

How many audio recordings are there?

16 audio recordings

Who is this course for?

This is an informational guide written for an entrepreneurial spirit who is:

Thinking about starting their own business

Ready to start their own business

Anyone who currently has A business Looking to Uplevel and Revisit the fundamentals

If I want to become an entrepreneur but don't have a business idea yet, can I still take this course?

Absolutely! We have a whole section dedicated to developing your business idea. We have activities and homework that helps you narrow in on your thoughts.

If I already have a business can I take this course?

Yes! This course is an in-depth look at the fundamentals of business. If your feeling like your business isn't performing, needs a refresh or a rebrand - this is perfect for you.

Do I have to complete the course in 60 days? Why is it 60 days?

This course is to be completed at your own pace! 60 days is A Roadmap for someone who wants to complete one step each day. it is also designed in phases so you can work on it When you have time and pick back up where you left off.

Can I listen to the audios on the go?

Absolutely! Mobility was really important to us as we decided what platform the course would be on. We decided on teachable because you can download the app and listen to audios (and do the entire course!) from the convenience of your phone!

Interested in purchasing

the guide separately?

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