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Our Story


When our Founder, Laura, launched her business she had all the tools she needed except for an inspiring space where she and her pup could work, and a community to share the journey with.

At Flourish Coworking Space professionals can be productive, collaborate with the community, and generate ideas. Members can develop their business by creating connections to trade business, send referrals, network with a mentor, or discovering new ways to grow their business.

We strive to make Flourish your #1 business resource and support. Whether it means taking advantage of the media studio or hosting your next business event here. We aim to offer solutions for all of your business needs.

We love supporting our members and can’t wait to extend our services to you!

Flourish is a space full of connections and collaboration that you will not find when you work at home or in the local coffee shop. 

Meet The TEAM

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