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Our team does all things; graphic design, legal work, production, publishing, you name it! We're an all hands on deck, come as you are, goal manifesting, wildly ambitious crew on a mission to change the world. 


Founded by Laura DiFrancesco, we are a women-owned and operated team spanning three companies and dedicated to inspiring, supporting, and educating fellow female leaders, entrepreneurs, and businesses. With a focus in all things business, legal, and lifestyle, we provide products and resources that help others elevate their ambition, ignite their creativity, and create exponential growth.

We have a promote from within culture, and all full time and part time positions are offered to graduates of our internship program.  Our internship program focuses on education, skill and portfolio development so our alumni develop significant expertise in their area of focus and feel confident taking full ownership of the excellence of this area in their career pursuits.  You can find the current opportunities to work with us listed below, with additional details provided in each job description.

Flourish Coworking & Event Space, West Chester, PA
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Dean Street Law
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Ethereal Farms  Full Logo - transparent background.png

We have Fall, Spring, & Summer Internships available - the Fall Internship begins in August, the Spring Internship begins in January, and the Summer Internship begins in May. The duration of the internship is based on the amount of hours per week. We offer a 4 month internship at 15 hours per week. We can work flexibly with a potential hire's existing schedule, with a schedule assigned by the company prior to hiring. 


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