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5 Tips For Hosting A Covid Friendly Event!

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

  1. Get Tested - So you can enjoy your time together without worry, it's a nice sense of relief to have all your guests get tested before you gather so you can give a hug to all those you haven't seen since before quarantine!

  2. Take It Outside - Utilize the beautiful outdoors as a space to get together with loved ones among fresh air. Socially distanced BYOB picnics have been our personal faves during this time.

  3. Keep It Intimate - Limiting your exposure can be as simple as gathering in smaller groups. Most states still have restrictions on how many people per room is safe so it's important to be in touch with what those numbers are!

  4. Sanitation Precautions - Doing a deep clean before and after is always important to stopping the spread and making sure all traces have been removed from high touch surfaces.

  5. Keep Sanitizer Close By - Have available sanitation stations for guests, you can even create cute covid friendly goodie bags.

If you feel more comfortable hosting in a neutral atmosphere book your event at Flourish! We have sanitation stations throughout the space and in addition to our daily cleanings, we schedule deep cleanings between every event so you never have to worry.

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