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Tips For Working From Home

Below is a list of some work from home tips that have helped me transition from working in an office to working from my home. This transition period can be difficult to navigate so I wanted to provide some insight on what I have found has worked for me.

  1. Develop a morning routine. The first two weeks working from home was an adjustment that honestly threw me off my regular routine. I was staying up later than usual and waking up later than usual ( I feel like a lot of you can relate ). This was hard on my productivity for the day because it didn’t "seem" like a workday. I’m usually squeezing in a workout and running to the office but here I was rolling out of bed and turning on the computer. I found it was important for the quality of my work to reestablish a routine in my morning. It doesn’t have to look like what you were doing before, iv generally been really enjoying something much slower maybe some lemon water and meditation or some yoga and stretching, but just reestablishing having a morning ritual really sets the tone for how your day will unfold and the quality of work you will produce.

  2. Create a productive workspace. I can not stress enough how important it is to have a work from home space that is conducive to working. When our space is cluttered and all over the place, we feel cluttered and all over the place. This will carry into our work and so on. Try and make a space that is designated for working, remove any laundry or unconscious distractions that are in your view so that your brain knows that when you are sitting here in this space it is time to focus. Yes, this means do not sit on your bed that is made for sleeping, try and find a space where you are sitting upright in a chair that is made for working. Maybe normally you work in a cold sterile office? Have some fun decorating your space! Bring in some plants, play your music, figure out how you work best and create a space that reflects that type of environment.

  3. Plan your breaks. I feel like working from home is a catch 22 when it comes to taking rest periods. Sometimes it’s easy to take too long of a break or at times you don’t have your employer to remind you of your break time so you forgo it altogether. I encourage you to set a timer on your phone for when you will start your break and when you will end your break. This allows you to create time for the break you deserve in your workday that will recharge you while also allowing you to know when its times to get back to work and not lose track of time switching over your laundry.

  4. Understand the expectations of your employer. One of the most challenging things working from home is that you do not have your employer there for direction should you need it. If your in the office its as easy as turning around to ask them a quick question and then moving forward with your work. I think having a daily phone check-in during the day with your boss allows you to ask any questions you have built up throughout the workday while also making sure you are fully understanding your tasks at hand and what is expected of you for each project. Communication is truly key for a remote work situation, this gives you clarity on your to-do list and helps avoid any mistakes.

  5. Make sure your housemates are on board. I have absolutely been loving watching the videos of toddlers running in the room while the dad is on a zoom call. As funny as it all is this can be so distracting and can make it very hard to complete the tasks at hand. Whether it be your roommate, your spouse, your partner or your grandmother, let who you are sharing your space with know the outline of what your day looks like so they know when to be a little quieter. I can only imagine how difficult it is to work from home with small children in the house. If possible try to establish a routine with your partner on who is watching the kids when will help to alleviate distraction.

  6. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Even when you’re in the office some days are just more productive than others and this is totally normal. Don’t beat yourself up if you are having a hard time focusing, the truth is we are all navigating very new and unfamiliar territory right now and there is a lot of outside stressors that can impact us subconsciously. Sometimes the best thing we can do is to take note of how we are feeling and be gentle with ourselves. I encourage you to just do your best and if it’s not your day try again tomorrow ( Unless tomorrow is Saturday then 100% wait until Monday ).

Comment some tips that you find helpful for working from home!

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