Need space to work?

  • Distraction Free

  • Flexible With Your Schedule

  • Free & Easy Parking

  • Complimentary Local Cold Brew on Tap

  • Community

Flourish is a space for entrepreneurs to grow their business, spark productivity and collaboration, it makes you feel inspired and offers a sense of community, that so many of us working from home miss. Together we support each other, generates ideas, holds each other accountable, discover growth from our failures, and make time to celebrate our wins.

At Flourish we aren't just coworkers, we are family and #wegrowtogether.


Coworking that fits your schedule

We designed our membership to fit any work style - whether you need a full-time workspace or a place to pop in and out of throughout your day. 

At Flourish, we offer 4 types of monthly memberships: the 4 day membership, the 10 day membership, the unlimited monthly membership, and the monthly dedicated desk membership.