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Ep. 11: Jay Scott Smith, JSC Media - The Art of Storytelling and BLM - Stories of Social Injustice

Updated: Jul 22, 2020


In this episode, we talk with Jay Scott. Jason Scott Smith is an award-winning veteran broadcaster, journalist, and writer. He’s a Detroit native, a 2003 Michigan State University graduate in 2003, and later received his Master’s Degree in Journalism from Wayne State University. In a career that’s included stops at the Detroit News,, NPR, and NBC News, he’s a news anchor at KYW Newsradio in Philadelphia and has hosted his Podcast, Jay Scott Confidential, since 2016. He’s also a professor of Journalism at Lincoln University of PA, and recently started his own Media company, JSC Media LLC. In Part 1 of this episode, we talk with Jay all about how he got started in journalism and broadcasting and the triumphs and obstacles he has had to face in the process. We discuss how he managed to create a hit show at 26 years old by identifying his audience and speaking to that demographic. Most importantly we discuss the importance of never giving up, showing up, and trying your best even in the moments you feel defeated. In part 2, we discuss the social injustices that the Black community faces.. Jay speaks openly about the reality of racism and his first hand experiences of racism. Jay explains the different shapes that racism takes on, such as; false accusations, preconceived notions, white privilege, microaggressions, assumed criminality, and discrimination in the work place. We talk about the power of listening, what we all can do moving forward to make change, and becoming a good ally.

Part 1 LISTEN:

Part 2 LISTEN:


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