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Ep. 5: Amanda Jefferson, Indigo Organizing - Creating a Space, Life, and Business That Sparks Joy

Updated: Jun 16, 2020


In this episode, we talk with Amanda Jefferson, an organization and productivity consultant. She is the owner of Indigo Organizing and one of the world's first certified KonMari consultants. After a successful 20-year career in consulting, education, and non-profit leadership, Amanda now channels her passion by helping busy people to de-clutter and simplify their lives, at home and at work. In this episode, we spoke with Amanda on ways people can start to unclutter not only their homes but their businesses alike. She shared her tips on how to say no to things we think we “should“ do and how to start living a life that is overall more joyful.



✼ To learn more about Amanda’s company Indigo Organizing and how you can work with her click HERE

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✼ To access the "Fun & Easy" worksheet that entrepreneurs can use to hone in on what sparks joy in their business click HERE

A Knowledge@Wharton article where Amanda is featured talking about how we can incorporate the KonMari Method into work

✼ Amanda recommended resource is Marie Kondo's brand new book Joy at Work

✼ Amanda’s Planner: Full Focus Planner

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